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Transparent 11th for your blogs!

Transparent 11th for your blogs!

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Trasparent Amy Pond for your blogs.

Trasparent Amy Pond for your blogs.

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I’m back!

Helloooo sweeties!

I know, I know… I have dissapeared from tumblr. But it was for a good cause! I was in the 50th anniversary exel London. I have met Matt Smith <3 

I HAVE MET MATT SMITH. (sometimes I have to repeat this to myself to believe it)

He’s a cutie and I love him so much because he was so freaking nice and I want to hug him and touch his precious face and tell him nice things.

Here’s a prof, I tell him I will miss him and he was “AWWWW” and signed with a heart my screwdriver.

So I was at the exel London 50th anniversary, it was AMAAAAAAAAAZING.

I have been in Liverpool too. THE BEATLES MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR. Oh, I cried a lot. I couldn’t stop the tears, it was magic.

The days in London were fantastic, also the days in manchester and in Liverpool too of course.

And sorry because I have been very busy. I’m a part of a Cosplay group. Since we were one of the most claimed groups on the last Con in Spain, we decided to continue as a group, and we are planning differents cosplays. I love making cosplays you know? It’s just amazing.

Sorry for being out of tumblr! I’ve even lost followers! The ones who still there: I love you guys. The ones who left: I love you too. 

Peace and love.


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Anonymous sent: How much for a pair of mika converse? I am in love with the I am golden ones <3

Hi there! The converse you saw are 35€, plus shipping. I can personalize them the way you like. If you want another song, or if you want anything more, or change the colours, we can talk about it.

I make fandom converse too, not just MIKA shoes :3

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Hey guys! sorry for not answering the ask, but i’m on a project that I think you all will like! It’s about Mika stuff, for sell everything that I have and worldwide! I will come up with news this week, just give me a few more days to have everything up! Thank you for your patience guys! I WILL SHIP WORLDWIIIIIDEEEEE YOHOOOW!

Loveeeee loooove you.


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maikatrine sent: Heard you are selling stuff, can I see some more pictures?💋

I do handmade things usually. Most of them are converse or vans. I don’t have too much pictures because I dind’t had a good camera, but there are some. 

I made them as people requested. Most of them were requested as Mika’s artwork or like the ones he used.



I make t-shirts too, these are printed usually, but I can make them handmade too.

Here you have a few ones.




I can sew things, like the brooches you see in the t-shirt, or necklaces. I did severals “naked mans” as the Mika ones, and here you can see, I made this little man Mika uses to wear, this one was for a friend.


Well, thats a brief summary about many things I did, but I’m open to hear people’s ideas.Even if they are just curious. It’s nice to talk to you guys, don’t be shy :D

Ask box is open.

Sorry for the bad quality photos. I just picked them from the first pages of my tumblr.

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11 reasons why I love 11 - No. 5 reason - He can be childish 

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Maybe it’s just in America, but it seems that if you’re passionate about something, it freaks people out. You’re considered bizarre or eccentric. To me, it just means you know who you are.
—Tim Burton  (via jmaisonlilhouse)

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